Stay Informed During an Emergency
Sign up for CodeRED Today!
Kittson County uses the CodeRED messaging system to distribute emergency information and critical community alerts.  Examples include: hazardous weather warnings, evacuation notices and missing child reports.
Residents and businesses can sign up to receive emergency notifications via telephone, cell phone, text message and/or email.

If you cannot register online, you can call the County's Emergency Management Office at 218.843.2113 and speak with someone who can register for you.

  • A CodeRed emergency message will have a caller ID of 866.419.5000.  You can program this number into your cell phone as a contact.  After you receive a message, you can dial this number to hear the message again.  (CodeRED Automatic Severe Weather alerts will have a caller ID of 800.566.9780 for phone calls and a short code of 769993 for text notifications.)
  • The CodeRED system will leave the message on an answering machine.  If the line is busy, it will try two more times to connect.
  • There are some circumstances that might prevent a message from being delivered:
    • Your contact information has changed and ou have hot registered your new information.
    • You only have a cordless phone and your power is out.
    • Your line is buy for an extended period and your calls do not forward to voice mail
    • You have a privacy manager on your main phone and you did not register an alternate number.


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