Vulnerable Adult Protection Services

The Adult Protection program investigates allegations of elderly neglect and abuse. Vulnerable adult investigations are completed in conjunction with law enforcement agencies, and ongoing adult protection services are provided if needed.

Persons living in Kittson County who sometimes need adult protection services are:

         ♦ Elderly person

         ♦ Developmentally disabled

         ♦ Physically disabled

         ♦ Chemically dependent

         ♦ Mentally ill


Maltreatment and Self-Neglect

County social workers investigate reports of people who can’t help themselves and also suffer from abuse, neglect and exploitation and those reports may lead to intervention by Kittson County Adult Protection. Examples include:

       ♦ An elderly person with Alzheimer’s disease who is about to have their electricity shut off because they forgot to pay the bill

       ♦ A person with a developmental disability whose roommate misuses their Social Security funds so there isn’t enough money to  buy groceries, pay bills and cook meals.

      ♦ A confused and physically disabled person who refuses medical care despite urging from friends and relatives.

      ♦ A person with mental illness being cared for by a friend or relative who is not receiving adequate food, clothing or necessary medical care.

      ♦ Children “borrowing” money from an elderly parent, who then lives in a cold house to save money.

      ♦ A person who has become disoriented and cannot manage the tasks of daily living, with dirty dishes, filthy clothes and other debris piling up and becoming hazardous to their health.


Persons in medical occupations, social services, education and law enforcement are required to report known or suspected maltreatment. All other persons are voluntary reporters. The Minnesota Vulnerable Adults Act provides immunity from civil and criminal liability when a report is submitted in good faith.

Be prepared to report the following:

      ♦ What happened or is happening?

       ♦ To whom did it happen?

       ♦ When did it happen?

       ♦ Where it happened?

       ♦ Who is responsible for the abuse, exploitation, or neglect?

To make a vulnerable adult report please call Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center (MAARC) at 1-844-880-1574.  Once a report is made, it will be directed to the appropriate lead agency.