Property Appraiser Licensure

Kittson County operates under a County-wide Assessment System. All assessments throughout the entire county are performed from the County Assessor’s Office, under the direction of the County Assessor. Stringent training and experience requirements are set by the State Board of Assessors, which governs and administers the licensure of Ad-Valorem property appraisers

The State Board of Assessors has established 4 levels of licensure for assessors. Assessors may be required to achieve higher levels of licensure in order to assess certain districts or to obtain certain assessor positions. The 1st level of licensure is Certified Minnesota Assessor, which requires successfully passing 4-week long courses on assessment procedures, laws, and appraisal practice, and serve a 1 year apprenticeship under a licensed assessor.

Additional Course Requirements

The State Board requires additional courses to appraise income producing properties and more difficult appraisal functions. County Assessors must complete additional requirements in order to become Senior Accredited Minnesota Assessors, which is required for all County Assessors. Once licensed, all levels of assessors have a continuing education requirement of 40 to 50 hours of training over each 4-year period.