Veteran Services

The Kittson County Veterans Service Office (CVSO) provides assistance to veterans, their dependents, or survivors in all programs of veterans affairs available at federal, state, and local levels, including Veterans Administration and the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs.

The CVSO assists in the applications for various state and federal programs through the development of claims, the preparation of appropriate forms, acquiring documents, and monitoring and intervening where appropriate as the claims are processed. The CVSO also assists veterans in obtaining medical care in Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Centers and also provides transportation to those facilities.

Program Benefits

Here is a listing of some of the veterans benefits programs the CVSO helps provide:
  • Assist in obtaining federal and state veterans benefits.
  • Help in obtaining medical care at Veterans Medical Centers.
  • Provide transportation to Veterans Medical Centers.
  • Help with claims for service connected disabilities
  • Help with veterans pensions and widow/widower pensions.
  • Assist in obtaining burial and death benefits.
  • Assist in obtaining GI home loans.
  • Help with VA insurance.
  • Help in obtaining dependency indemnity compensation.
  • Assist in obtaining vocational rehabilitation, education assistance, and job training.
  • Provide assistance to obtain survivors and dependents education programs.

County Veterans Memorial Update

Construction on the Kittson County Veterans Memorial is now underway. Find out how you can participate in honoring the veterans of Kittson County!

VA Home Loan Benefits

Did you know that as a veteran you could be eligible for a VA Home Loan? Check out the VA Home Loan Centers website for information.