Services to Persons with Mental Illness 

Mental Health 24 Hour Crisis Line:  1.800.422.0863

(Sanford Mental Health, Thief River Falls)

1.800.282.5005 (Mental Health Center, Crookston)

Local Advisory Council

The Adult Mental Health program assists clients with mental illness by providing services including case management, referrals to community mental health and outreach programs, day treatment programs, and coordination with residential treatment facilities. The Adult Mental Health program also provides pre-screenings for judicial commitment when a petitioner comes forward who is willing to testify about a family member or loved one who is in imminent danger of harm to self or others due to mental health and/or chemical dependency issues.

Kittson County Human Services provides case management (care coordination) for adults age 18 and over with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI). The case manager assists persons with SPMI to gain access to needed community supports and services.


To qualify for county case management services, persons need to meet specific criteria to be SPMI:

  •   Has had at least two episodes of inpatient care for mental illness in the previous 24 months


  • Has had a continuous psychiatric hospitalization or residential treatment of at least six months in the previous 12 months


  •  Has schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression, or borderline personality disorder, and a significant impairment in functioning, and a written opinion from a mental health professional that case management is needed to prevent future hospitalization


  • Has been committed within the last three years


  • In certain situations, the adult was eligible for case management services as a child


Case management services are voluntary. Further information can be found in

Minnesota Statutes Sections 245.461-245.486  – the “Minnesota Comprehensive Adult Mental Health Act”

Minnesota Rules -9520.0900 9520.0926 that establish standards and procedures for case management to children with severe emotional disturbance and adults with serious and persistent mental illness.

Persons with mental illness may also be eligible for services through the Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals (CADI) or Personal Care Assistance (PCA) programs.

Kittson County Human Services also functions as a referral point for judicial commitment for persons in need of involuntary treatment of their mental illness under Minnesota Statute 253B  – the “Minnesota Commitment and Treatment Act”.

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